Terms & Conditions

1) Introduction

These terms and conditions (“Terms”) together with the privacy policy available at http://www.slideh.com/privacy represent the legal agreement between you and SlideHub (B2C) regulating your access and use of SlideHub Platform and Services. By accessing, browsing, making a purchase and using our website, email, phone or other available application (collectively referred to as “Platform”) you confirm that you have read these terms and accept them. In case, you do not agree with any of the terms, you should stop using SlideHub Platform and Services.  

The terms may be modified from time to time for any reason and you should review the Agreement regularly. If you continue using the Platform, you automatically agree with any changes.

The relationship between SlideHub and the Service providers (B2B) is governed by different terms and conditions. Service providers are obliged to sign a separate individual agreement and act according to the highest professional standards.

2) Who we are?

SlideHub (Slideh.com, “us”, “we”, “our”, “the platform”) is a presentations marketplace offering high-quality content from Content providers.

Slideh.com services and Platform are provided for personal non-commercial use by P.T.E LTD, a Bulgarian legal entity (private limited company) with headquarters in 7 Sveti Naum St., Sofia, Bulgaria.

3) Definitions

  1. “User” – Any individual or legal entity that accesses our Platform.
  2. “Client” – Any entity that has made a purchase on our Platform.
  3. “Platform” – the website, mobile application or any other means through which services are made available to users by SlideHub.
  4. “Account” – An electronic profile that facilitates the purchase of products offered on the platform and tracking of previous orders.
  5. “Purchase” – The online order, purchase, and payment of a product offered by a Content provider on the Platform
  6. “Product” – An item that can be ordered, paid and provided by a Content provider
  7. “Contract” – The agreement between a User and SlideHub
  8. “Newsletter” – An electronic document with information about the recent activities of an organization
  9. “Review” - A report/comment by a user  who has used a product available on the platform
  10. “Rating” – A cumulative score of a Content provider based on evaluations by Clients who have used a product offered by a given provider.
  11. “Content provider” – A licensed provider of digital content or any other service available for purchase on the Platform.

4) Using our Service

SlideHub is an online platform that enables Content providers to offer (market, advertise, sell, promote) their content and assists you to purchase a presentation. By making a purchase, you enter into a direct contractual agreement with the Content provider from which you purchase a presentation. Once you make a purchase, we act solely as an intermediary between you and the Content provider. We can provide relevant information related to your order to the Service provider, send you a confirmation email on behalf of the Content provider and facilitate your interaction. 

SlideHub is not a content provider and is not responsible for providing content or setting the prices of Content that is available for purchase on our platform.  All products are provided by independent (Third-party) providers that are registered on our platform and might be subject to additional conditions.

Content providers offering content through our platform have been verified and have signed a legal agreement with us. SlideHub is not an open platform (such as eBay) where any individual or company can offer its products.

We give you a non-transferable right to access and use our Platform, subject to the following conditions:

  1. You shall use our Platform and Services only for personal, non-commercial, legitimate and lawful purposes.
  2. You shall abide by all applicable laws.
  3. You shall not take any actions that cause damage to SlideHub, its users or its reputation, result in foregone profits or impair our system and security.
  4. You shall not send or upload any computer viruses, malicious code, spam, Trojan horse, software lock or other malware.
  5. You shall not scan, copy, distribute, re-sell, decompile, lend, re-market, rent, display or replicate any content, information, software and applications available on our Platform or use software to do so.
  6. You shall not circumvent any measures that limit your access to and use of our Platform and Services.
  7. You shall not remove or change any trademarks, logos or other designations on our Platform.
  8. You shall not publish or share any information that is offensive, discriminatory, sexually explicit, misleading, breaching other party’s rights, promoting illegal activities, politically sensitive, advertising yourself or other third parties, contains personally identifiable information or threats.
  9. You shall keep secure and confidential your log-in details and passwords.
  10. You shall not provide us any information if you are under the age of 13. We do not provide content to individuals under the age of 13.
  11. You shall not share/upload any information, data or other content for which you do not have the rights or permission.
  12. You grant SlideHub a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, transferable, perpetual right to use, share, publish, display, modify, translate (both electronically and in print) any information or content (not including private personal information) that you post, publish and upload on our platform for marketing, promotional, advertising and other legitimate purposes. You shall remain the owner of the intellectual property rights of such content.
  13. You shall create a backup and store any content or information that you share/upload, in case you need it, as we do not guarantee that we will keep or make available such content.
  14. You agree that any information, suggestions, comments, feedback, rating, ideas can be used by SlideHub for any purposes at our discretion and you shall not pretend any intellectual property rights.


You agree that after making a purchase, you will receive by email a confirmation with information about the purchase, instructions on the next steps and an invitation to rate and submit a review of the product.

Client reviews

Client reviews are uploaded to relevant Content provider’s pages of our Platform exclusively for informing Users of your opinion about the quality of the Products and the Content providers. We may use and display the reviews on the Platform, newsletters, promotional materials, applications, social media platforms or any other venues.  The reviews shall not be interpreted as a guarantee, offer, recommendation or invitation to take any action.

Service displaying

SlideHub displays first featured Content providers. You can freely change the method for displaying Content providers to your preferred one at any time (using the Sort By function).           

The featured Content providers ranking is based on a multi-factor model that takes into account the country, rating, reviews, price, relationship with our company, commission and other indicators.

Information accuracy

The information on the pages of Content providers is provided directly by Content providers, thus they are fully responsible for the accuracy, completeness and accuracy of the information, the availability and the prices for the Content shown on our platform. We put a lot of effort to show information that is accurate and updated but we do not guarantee that all information provided by Content providers is complete, accurate and updated. SlideHub cannot be held responsible for any errors, inaccurate, misleading information or misinterpretations.


Occasionally, special offers or promotions might be available for a certain type of Content, Content Providers or dates. You acknowledge and agree that such offers might be subject to additional conditions, details and it is your responsibility to check thoroughly all conditions prior to making a purchase.

Ratings and reviews

All ratings and reviews of Content providers and Content are provided exclusively by Clients of the Platform and should not be interpreted as any guarantee of the quality or recommendation by SlideHub of any Content or Content provider.

Contact details

You shall provide correct contact details (including e-mail and phone number) to complete a purchase. SlideHub is not responsible for any inaccuracy, misspelling or error in your personal details.       

Third-party content

In case some of our content is made available to you on a third-party website (such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn), there might be separate terms imposed by the third-party website. You acknowledge and agree to such terms.

5) Payment

SlideHub facilitates the payment of services on behalf of Content Providers. Payments are made up-front, transferred to Content providers and represented the purchase price of Content. Depending on the payment method selected, your credit card might be pre-authorized or charged.

Please, check carefully all information prior to making a purchase and paying.

All payments are processed securely through verified third-party payment processors such as PayPal and Borica. In the unlikely event of credit card fraud, most of the banks and payment processors will cover the charges.

You acknowledge that SlideHub is not responsible for refunding any amounts related to chargeable cancellation.

6) Prices

All prices of Content on our Platform include VAT and all other applicable taxes unless otherwise stated.

Fees and taxes may be charged in case of cancellation.

You cannot derive any rights from obvious mistakes.

8) Fees

Our service is free of charge for clients and we do not charge any additional fees. Content providers pay us a small commission that allows us to operate.

9) Data privacy and cookies

We respect your privacy and handle your information in accordance with all applicable data protection laws. You agree that the information that you submit to our Platform or Content providers will be used in accordance with our Privacy policy available at www.slideh.com/privacy . Furthermore, you declare that all the information that you submit is accurate and you have the authority or the necessary approval to provide such information.

10) Intellectual property

All intellectual property rights, including but not limited to software, infrastructure, payment modules, trademarks, design, business rights, agreements, copyrights, know-how, patents, source-code, trade secrets, client reviews, ratings, feel, translated content is owned by SlideHub and its providers. You agree that by using SlideHub Platform and Content, you will not acquire any right, interest or ownership, except for the limited license to use SlideHub Platform and Content granted to you, under these terms.

You are not allowed to copy, publish, link, promote, market, utilize or use in any other form the content without our written consent. Any unlawful use of content or behavior will be interpreted as an infringement of our intellectual property rights.

We value the intellectual property rights of others and do our best to prevent infringement of other parties’ rights. If there is any reason that makes you think that any content on our platform infringes your rights, please notify us in writing at info@slideh.com or 7 Sveti Naum St., 1421 Sofia, Bulgaria.

11) Termination

SlideHub reserves the right to suspend your access to the platform, cancel your account and terminate immediately any agreement with you at any time without incurring any liability.

12) Limitation of liability

These Terms lay down all the obligations and liabilities of SlideHub related to the Platform and the Content provided.  We shall be liable only for direct damages actually suffered, paid or incurred by you due to our failure to fulfill an obligation under this Agreement and up to the total amount of your purchase (indicated in the invoice that you have received from us).

Slideh.com, its directors, officers, employees, agents and representatives under no circumstances shall be liable (to the extent permitted by law) for any direct, indirect or accidental damage, reputation impact, loss, death and foregone profit arising from the use, delay, cancellation, force majeure or inability to use the Platform and/or Content.

Our liability is not limited only in case of personal injury, death or other liability resulting from our breach of duty, misconduct, fraud or any liability resulting from your statutory rights or that cannot be excluded by law.

Quality of service

We are not responsible for the quality of the Content and we do not provide any warranties. You acknowledge and agree that Content providers are exclusively liable in respect of the Content, its price and any specific arrangements.

Communication and arrangements

SlideHub has no responsibility for any communication or arrangements between you and a Content provider or any third party without our written consent as a result of the use of our Platform.

Complaints and claims

Complaints or claims with respect to any problems with the Content, price or special requests are to be dealt with the Content providers. You should submit your complaint on our platform but we are not responsible for any liability related to such claims. Claims against SlideHub or a Content Provider shall be submitted within 30 days after the provision of a Content. In case you submit a complaint on a later date, you have no right to pretend for any compensation. 

We recommend you to take screenshots of prices and other important information when making a purchase to support any potential complaints.

Third parties, who are not part of these terms, shall have no right to enforce any part of the Terms or the Agreement without our written consent.


You agree that the SlideHub and the Content provider are always responsible for the collection and payment of the applicable taxes due on the total amount of the Content to the relevant tax authorities.

Third-party content

Please, note that we do not have control over links to other websites and resources that might be available on our website for your additional information. SlideHub has no control over the content of such sources and we are not responsible for any harm that you might suffer from using them. We advise you to check carefully their terms of use and stay alert.

Advertising material may be displayed occasionally on our Platform. We shall not be responsible for the content, its accuracy, and any errors.

13) Your liability

Under these terms, you are responsible and liable to us for any damages, losses, fees, expenses, claims, costs incurred by SlideHub, our employees, agents and partners caused or connected with you and your use of SlideHub Services and/or Platforms.

In case of breach of these Terms and Agreement, SlideHub will act quickly to protect its rights and interests. You should be aware that we have the right to terminate your access to our Platform and prohibit the use of our Platform and Content.

Our inability or omission of enforcement of any of these Terms and Agreement does not terminate your liability and we have the right to seek enforcement at a later date.

14) Applicable law

                  These Terms and Agreement shall be governed by Bulgarian law and any dispute, claim or controversy arising from these terms or our services shall be submitted for arbitration to the competent organ in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The original version of the terms and the content of our Platform is English. Any translated versions are an act of kindness and do not grant any rights. In case of a discrepancy between the English version and any other version of the terms or the content, the English language version shall prevail.

If any part of these Terms becomes invalid, unenforceable or unbinding, the parties remain bound by all other provisions. Any invalid provision should be interpreted and applied as closely as permitted by law and have a similar effect under these Terms.

15) Contact us

Should you have any questions, require additional information, want to make a suggestion or submit a complaint, please contact us through the online form, info@slideh.com, +359 896 84 72 50 or 7 Sveti Naum St, 1121 Sofia, Bulgaria.

These Terms together with the Privacy Policy consist the entire agreement between you and us, replacing any previous terms, arrangements or Agreements related to your use of our Platform and Content.

Last updated: 10.04.2020

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